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Complete Protection powered by Novamin®


Sensitive twinges occur when dentin, the inner part of the tooth, is exposed. Sensodyne® Complete Protection™ restores a protective layer over exposed dentin and is clinically proven to relieve the pain of sensitivity.*


Enamel loss is one of the leading causes of sensitivity. Enamel protects the more vulnerable, inner part of the tooth so it is important to keep it strong and healthy. Sensodyne® Complete Protection™ contains fluoride to strengthen and protect enamel.*


Sensodyne® Complete Protection™ helps provide effective cleaning for good oral hygiene, to help leave your mouth feeling clean and fresh.*


Gum recession is one of the leading causes of sensitivity. Healthy gums are essential for healthy, pain free teeth, as the gums help to protect the more vulnerable inner parts of the tooth. With twice daily brushing Sensodyne® Complete Protection™ helps maintain healthy gums and prevents gingivitis*


Sensodyne® Complete Protection™ has a minty taste that leaves your whole mouth feeling fresh.*


Plaque forms from bacteria build- up, and is a leading cause of oral health problems. Sensodyne® Complete Protection™ helps to control plaque.*


Sensodyne® Complete Protection™ is designed for use by people with sensitive teeth. With twice daily brushing, it will help to maintain the natural whiteness of your teeth.*

*With twice daily brushing.

*With twice daily brushing.


7 Specially Designed Benefits* - 1 Complete Sensitivity Toothpaste

If you have sensitivity, it can be a sign that your teeth are vulnerable due to enamel wear or receding gums. You need to do more than just deal with the pain.

New Sensodyne Complete Protection has been specially designed for people with sensitive teeth. With twice daily brushing it:

  • creates a protective layer over sensitive areas to shield you from the pain of sensitive teeth
  • protects enamel
  • helps protect against plaque
  • helps prevent gingivitis
  • freshens breath
  • helps whiten enamel
  • gives a clean feeling

Sensodyne Complete Protection toothpaste builds a protective layer over the vulnerable areas of your teeth and gives you all the oral care benefits you need in one complete sensitivity toothpaste.

*With twice daily brushing