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How do Sensodyne soft and extra soft  toothbrush  bristles compare with a regular soft-bristled toothbrush?

The Sensodyne® Precision soft bristle Toothbrush features silky bristles designed to gently clean teeth. The Sensodyne Gentle extra soft bristle toothbrush features very soft tapered bristles that are gentle on gums.

What are the bristles made of? 

The bristles are made of nylon.

Why is the Sensodyne® toothbrush good for people with sensitive teeth? 

The Sensodyne® toothbrushes have a small angled head designed to provide effective cleaning, even in hard to reach areas. The silky bristles are specially designed to clean and stay soft on teeth.

How often should one replace a toothbrush? 

GSK supports the American Dental Society (ADA) recommendation that consumers replace toothbrushes approximately every 3-4 months or sooner if the bristles become frayed with use. 

Is the toothbrush made in China or are the ingredients sourced from China? 

The Sensodyne Precision Toothbrush and the Sensodyne Complete Protection Toothbrush are manufactured in China. The Sensodyne Gentle Toothbrush is manufactured Germany and none of the ingredients are currently sourced from China. 

What is the benefit of using this brush over an electric toothbrush? 

Within the literature, both manual and electric toothbrushes have been proven as effective in removing plaque from teeth.

Can I use this brush on my dentures?

A Sensodyne® Toothbrush may be used to brush your dentures but using a denture brush may be better suited to reach the underside surfaces of your denture.